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Design Aesthetics

I think I realized why I like tumblr over typepad.

Tumblr is round.

Typepad is square.

I like rounded edges.

I can’t help it, I just think it looks cool.

I think it symbolizes the old/new web.

The new web “web 2.0”, though I despise that name, is really “fluffy” and rounded.

It symbolizes design and beauty.

The old “boxy” way of doing things always gives me horrific flashbacks of the 90’s with its God-awful ”design” and ways of doing things.

Call me unfair to judge a book by its cover, as it were, but this book has a pretty sweet cover.

Also, tumblr has a submissions and queue feature I’ve never seen anywhere else (+1 for feature innovation).

The submission feature allows other people to submit blog articles. Here is an example.

The queue feature is also nice (I happen to be using it right now). Essentially it allows you to send posts to a queue to be autoposted at a pre-defined interval.

This is a helpful feature because I can create 20 blog posts all in a row if I’m feeling creative.I can then setup tumblr to auto post them for me once every 5 hours or once every day. That way, there is some consistency to my publishing, regardless of the actual periodicity of my article writing.



This article is about online collaboration with people you have never “met” in “real life”.

This online collaboration really took off with the advent of Web 2.0.

The whole point of web 2.0 was sharing. Share everything. IMHO sharing too much.

We have everything from google docs to google wave to zoho office to drop.io to acrobat and the list goes on…

These tools make it so our physical presence is not required.

I believe this paradigm shift of collaboration will usher in a new era of business.

No longer do you need an office to start a business. Offices are meant to contain people in the same building. People no longer need to be contained in the same building.

A lot of open source/free tools exist out there that allow you to create your business. For example things like amazon and ebay allow you to sell items without any upfront cost to you.

For web developers, there are many programming languages and frameworks and databases that are completely free. Absolutely ZERO startup cost.

Even server space is becoming ridiculously cheap. Rackspace charges mere CENTS per hour. So does Amazon. Heroku is FREE for basic apps.

I think as time goes on, the online business owner will only reap more and more benefit from these types of things.

I was envisioning a world where the majority of people were self employed and each person was sort of their own mini-corporation, free to partner with whatever company they wanted in order to further whatever they were working on.

Any time, any place.

But that’s an article in itself, for another day


my experiences with openid

So lately I have been creating websites with my openid from chi.mp.

Unfortunately, this processes has had some hiccups along the way.

The idea of openid is awesome. However, I think that since its a fairly new technology the implementation of it by websites need to be reformed.

Take for instance typepad. They support openid registration, but unfortunately, you can not log in with any other method [I have submitted a help ticket requesting if I can sign in via another method] once the account has been created.

Well isn’t that just dandy? Now I can’t use typad.com with my iphone since both the application AND i.typepad.com require a normal username/password combo for authentication.



blogging from phone

I was recently amazed when my friend Mark told me that he writes his blog articles on his phone.

So of course, here I am trying to do the same.

With the advent of iPhone’s copy and paste, came along another feature that is not as recognized but almost as helpful. That is, the select feature. With the feature, I can select a segment of a paragraph and either copy, or delete. The select portion is my favorite, because if I make a line or two of text that I later decide I don’t want, I can just select it all and push delete.

The other cool thing about the iPhone is that the more you use the little virtual keyword, the more you get used to it, and the more accurate you type. I’m probably typing around 30 words per minute while writing this article. Although, I am making plenty of mistakes, even with the iPhone’s built on spell corrector.

Another helpful thing about the phone is, that even though a lot of the words are extremely misspelled, there is still enough  of a recognizable word for me to go back and edit later from my desktop.

I am also learning to appreciate the draft feature. It’s helpful to just save instead of posting right away. I’m noticing the quality of my posts increase if I save first and then go back and edit later. I forgot to mention that I am using the tumblr iPhone app which is an awesome little free download. Be sure to get it if you use tumblr with any consistancy.


Multiple platforms

Guest post by Mark Essel:

Great variety of platforms, I use tweetie2 and email to post to here and posterous. I stick with my main blog for daily shares/ideas. shameless plug: http://www.victusspiritus.com


yet another post along the road to find a blog home

Ok well this is post number three on the third blog platform I’ve posted on so far in this experiment in finding the perfect blogging platform.

The first article was posted here and the second here.

I know that in the last blog I was ranting and raving about how great typepad is.

I am still of the same opinion. The only problem is that their theme selection is kinda slim. Their modules are awesome though. Right now I’m on a trial pro account, so I’ll see how I like it over time.

Tumblr has a lot to offer though (especially for being a completely free offering)

Another downside to typepad is that they don’t have disqus support, and their commenting system isn’t threaded. Fortunately, they support openid, which is their saving grace.

To Tumblr, Love Metalab